You’re probably reading this because you need some sort of entertainment for your walk to school. Well I’ve got the solution for you. I’ve gathered music from just about every genre that I think will make your walk to school more enjoyable. Whether you prefer classical scores or hardcore medal music, there’s something out there for every commute.

If you prefer some EDM (Electronic Dance Music) like me, I would highly recommend the songs “Pay No Mind” by Madeon and “Polygon Dust” by Porter Robinson. Both songs feature a strong beat to get your walk started and include accompanied artists who sing incredible lyrics. Also, both songs build up strong drops to keep you energized and moving fast.

There’s a little bit of showmanship in all of us, so why not listen to some show tunes? Some of the most upbeat and powerful show tunes I know are “Non-Stop” from the popular musical “Hamilton” and “One Day More” from Les Miserables. Both of these songs make you feel powerful and motivate you for the day.

Feeling classical? No problem! I will often listen to some emotional scores from my favorite movies. These songs will surely have you pondering the meaning of life by the time you get to school. There is “Epilogue” from the major motion picture Everest and “S.T.A.Y.” from the mind-bending science-fiction film Interstellar. Or, if you want a twist in the middle of the song, there’s always “Fellow Feeling” by Porter Robinson. All of these musical compositions evoke incredible emotion from the listener so be prepared!

Do you like rock or folk music? I certainly do and nothing lights up my walk more than some good old Mumford & Sons or Bon Jovi. There’s “Tompkins Square Park” and “Ditmas” by Mumford and “Have a Nice Day” by Bon Jovi. These songs will have you walking with a smile on your face in no time.

If you’re a sheer medal-head, there’s no shame in that! I for one enjoy some medal music myself. The two most upbeat and powerful songs I know are “The Sound of Truth” by As I Lay Dying and “Hourglass” by Lamb of God. Both of these standout hits will surprise you with every twist and turn.

Last, but certainly not least is pop music. Almost all of the music played on the radio are pop hits. Some of my newer and personal favorites include “Gold” by Kiiara, “Sound of Your Heart” by Shawn Hook, and “Let it Go” by James Bay. I guarantee that you have heard most of these songs, and if you have and are already sick of them, Christine and the Queens (a relatively new French-pop group) has just released their first album and the opening track, “iT” is amazing.

It doesn’t matter what types of music you listen to, as long as you want something to make your walk to school more enjoyable. All of these tracks will make your gloomy day better. I highly recommend all of these songs, and I hope you enjoy them.

Lead Image Credit: Giphy