On Friday, December 2nd, Fresh U Marymount took its first holiday outing to Bryant Park in downtown Manhattan. Our team explored the area and shops while enjoying the Christmas-themed evening. I decided to shoot small videos on my iPhone 6 during this journey while I was listening to the song "Language" by Porter Robinson. I often find that music inspires me to create art.  After taking multiple small shots, I edited them together to make a one minute music video reflecting my experience.

This video is only a minute long, but it captured my enthusiasm of traveling to the Winter Village and enjoying the sights to see.  My entire YouTube channel is filled with music videos because I feel like that is what I do best when it comes to digital media. Many filmmakers and photographers find themselves blocked by their imagination and have a hard time coming up with original and entertaining content.  Me? I just pull  out my phone (because that is the only camera I have) and see what I can create.

The way I go about making new and original content is just simply by messing around and trying to make something different. I am not in this for the viewership or the likes. I just want to do what I love and enjoy the outcome. Inspiration simply comes from the music I listen to. Whether it's electronic or folk, I constantly have my earbuds in.  What comes after is just a vision of what could possibly come next.  I am always searching for the next best thing I can do.

I think that the Bryant Park outing really stood out to me because of the beauty of Christmas. It is the most wonderful time of the year for me because it's when all of your family and friends get together and spend the last moments of the year together. Beauty is just a bonus from this.

You can check out the rest of my small music videos through my YouTube channel.  Enjoy the holiday season!

Lead Image Credit: Stephan Washburn