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Nov 10 2016
by Sarah La'Berge

MMC Students Share Their Reactions to the 2016 Election Results

By Sarah La'Berge - Nov 10 2016

During the night of election results, people everywhere sat on the edge of their seats while watching the last bit of electoral votes trickle in, wondering nervously who will lead our country for the next 4 years. Many grew too tired to stay awake, and eventually went to sleep with hopes to hear news of success for their preferred candidate when they woke this morning. When everyone woke up to find that Donald Trump was the declared winner, emotions hit the fan. Some people were over the moon, and relieved that we can finally “Make America Great Again". However, others were brought to tears over the results. Today, I asked 12 random college students about their reactions when they heard Donald Trump was declared the winner of the 2016 Presidential Election. These are their raw, uncut, and honest responses:

Sarah La'Berge
Everywhere that you looked it was, 'Hilary is going to win' and she didn’t. We talked to the wrong people...the media is definitely biased.         - Hailey Albright, Sophomore
Sarah La'Berge

Karoline, a student at Marymount Manhattan College, carried this sign throughout the day and offered support and hugs to anyone that might've needed it.

He’s not going to define who I’m in love with. - Karoline Pimentel, Senior
Sarah La'Berge
I’m surprised mostly, and scared. Not necessarily for myself but for the people I know and love. - Mark Autry, Junior
Sarah La'Berge
The whole election felt like it was about character and not about politics, which is what's really kind of upsetting. - Wesley Hayden, Senior
Sarah La'Berge
This morning I didn’t feel safe enough to go to my dance class, I was too afraid to take the cross-town bus. - Faith Porter, Junior
Sarah La'Berge
I don’t support Hillary, but I think the outcome is absolutely atrocious. I’m scared. - Levi Chaikin, Freshman
Sarah La'Berge
There’s so much hatred in our country that apparently was there the whole time and we didn’t even know. We weren’t even expecting it because we thought everyone was accepting, and they're not. - Casey Barbour, Freshman
Sarah La'Berge
The fact that younger generations are going to have this president to look up to tells me that racism is going to come back, and come back with a vengeance. - Emani Mack, Freshman
Sarah La'Berge
I’ve been numb all morning. It wasn’t until I talked to my parents and told them that I was terrified that the water works started. - Rebecca Borowik, Junior
Sarah La'Berge
I guess I just underestimated the amount of racism and homophobia that's still alive in a society that I thought was getting rid of those things. - Kalei Ticshler, Freshman
Sarah La'Berge
We’ve elected someone who says it's okay to violate someone’s body, and it makes me choke up just thinking about how someone can say that about her [his younger sister] or any woman for that matter. - Jackson Harrington, Junior
Sarah La'Berge
As a white woman I feel helpless. I don’t want to be looked at as a monster in society. - Nicole Borkowski, Sophomore

Whether or not you agree with these students reactions to the results of the election, you cannot deny that there are common themes amongst how they all felt. The essence of fear, solemnness, and anger ran through all of their voices, and that definitely has a lot to say in itself. The bigger question is, what will happen and how can we stand together?

Lead Image Credit: Sarah La'Berge

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