Ah, Easter. Of course, as kids, we associated Easter with Easter egg hunts, jellybeans, chocolate bunnies and Easter baskets. You may be feeling homesick for the Easters of your childhood this year. However, there's hope! You can still have a fabulous Easter even if you're away from home.

1) Eat Candy

Just because you're at school doesn't mean you can't treat yourself! Pick up some of your favorite Easter candies (or get a care package from home) and go to town!

2) Have an Easter Egg Hunt 

Maybe you can't do this on as grand a scale as when you were a child, but it's still possible! Gather some friends and hide eggs in your hall, apartment or even outside. You can fill the eggs with whatever you want!

3) Go to Church

If you're a Christian, Easter is a great opportunity to attend church services, either in person or online.

4) Watch a Holiday Special 

If your favorite cartoons have Easter specials, pull them up on YouTube. You'll feel comforted when you revisit these old memories. 

5) Call Your Family

Your family would love to hear from you! You may not be able to be there in person, but calling or Skyping your family is the next best thing.

6) Look at Bunnies

There's no better way to celebrate Easter than by playing with some adorable bunnies! However, if you can't get the real deal, look for a live stream of bunnies online. 

7) Eat a Good Dinner

Treat yourself to a nice meal! It doesn't have to be ham or turkey, but order a pizza or whatever your fave delivery meal is. It'll help make Easter feel more like a special day.

It can be easy to feel lonely and sad when you're away from home on Easter. However, there are lots of ways to have fun at school. Maintain some old traditions and make some new ones, and you may end up having more fun than ever!

Lead Image Credit: Pexels