Spring cleaning as a college student applies to more than just wiping down surfaces in the dorm room. Clearing out your desktop, email or even social media profiles are other forms of cleaning. By letting go of old term papers and expired ramen, you can ride out the rest of the semester with a decluttered life. Here are a few tips on spring cleaning as a student.

1. Planning is key.


The idea of cleansing your life is overwhelming, but everything doesn't have to be done at once. Grab a piece of paper and a warm drink to plan out a cleaning week schedule. By breaking up tasks and assigning something small but productive each day, cleaning will be more rewarding and less frustrating.

2. Start with your social.


A low-intensity place to start your cleanse is social media. Take some time to browse your posts and take down anything that no longer represents you or that will give the wrong impression to any future employers. This is also the time to unfollow any people who may be bringing bad energy to your life. Who needs negativity this close to finals?

3. Declutter the desktop.


As students, our computers are landfills for forgotten papers, thousands of emails and 20 copies of the same picture. Laptops tend to get cluttered with projects from three terms ago that you don't need anymore, taking up valuable storage. Introducing folders to your desktop or Google Drive and organizing essential files you have will create a sense of calm in your digital workplace. 

4. Sort through your stashes.


Sorting through everything you have sounds like a lot, but what is more nerve-wracking is clutter. By attacking your room via category and creating a keep and discard pile, you'll be able to lighten the load on your life. Keeping only the items necessary to your school work and happiness will lessen the mess and make move out day 10 times easier.

5. Feed the trashcan!


Once you've decided what you'll be discarding, make sure you dispose of it properly! Sorting through your items is useless if you don't get rid of the moldy sandwich in the back of your mini-fridge or those shower shoes that finally broke. Don't forget to recycle or donate anything if possible.

6. The simple stuff.


Even though spring cleaning is beyond the superficial, general cleaning still has to be done to achieve the fresh air vibes of the season. Clean sheets, folded fresh laundry and dusting are staples of a spotless room. If cleaning supplies happen to be too expensive, a bottle of distilled vinegar and an old t-shirt are the perfect combo to tackle dirty surfaces.

7. Spring clean yourself!


A clean environment can only be appreciated with a clean mind and body. Take time for self-reflection and any issues that may be blocking your road to success. Mediation or simply having a date with yourself are great ways to treat yourself in the middle of the semester. To wrap up a week of intense cleaning, indulge in a mini spa night with face masks and cucumbers as a way to top off your endeavor.

The purpose of spring cleaning is to wipe away the build-up of inactivity during the cold months. Finals, winter break and getting halfway through the spring semester is a messy process. With the extra hours of daylight, there's an opportunity to shed all the mess we've been collecting during our busy student lives. Working with a clean slate for the next couple of months will make finishing out the semester enjoyable and make moving out for summer easy!

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash