The end of the year is approaching and with it a whole new host of responsibilities and decisions. Everything you've known for your entire life is coming to a climax and it's hard to be prepared for that. Your life takes a lot of work as it is to stay organized and run smoothly. So, on top of the pep rallies, tearful goodbyes and college applications, here are some things to do before graduation to leave on a high note.

1. Bury the Hatchet.

High school drama is so high school. Be the bigger person and hash it out with the person you've been feuding with (all respectfully, of course). You'll feel so much better with it off your chest and hopefully get some closure before you head off to bigger and better things. 

Having feuds and frenemies can be exhausting. Sort out your differences and maybe even become friends (though you don't have to). It will help your mental and physical health, taking away from one of the many worries in your life. 

2. Plan Your Future.

Pick a college (or plan out your next step after high school). Sure, planning can sometimes be stressful, but it's often-times necessary to be prepared. So get your laptop open, start those scholarship applications and research the schools you applied to. Next, map out with your family what works for you and your financial situation.

3. Write a Letter to Yourself.

People are constantly changing and evolving as society and their personal relationships evolve. The person you are now will change. So, write it all down. Who's your favorite artist right now? Your best friends? What do you want out of the future? Taking inventory and setting goals is important, but so is accepting changes. Write a series of letters to yourself about you and your life. Date one for the end of next year and another for five years from now. Put them in a safe space and wait patiently. The outcome is priceless. With this, your memory truly is forever. 

4. Spend Time with Family.

Come September (relative to where you end up), you might not be as close to your family as you're used to. It's different staying at a friend's house than not being able to go home. So, spend some more time with your family. Watch a movie. Hug your parents. Appreciate your siblings. You'll miss the things that annoy you about them now.

5. Spend Time with Yourself.

Sure, college is where many people find themselves. You get to study multiple subjects and figure out what you want to do with your life. You live with different people and experience different cultures, but why not do some soul searching now? Make some lists of different goals. Meditate. Take yourself to the movies. Start a journal. Make a relaxing home-made spa day for yourself. Get to know you and what makes you wonderful. Be your most confident self. 

6. Make a New Friend.

There's always someone you haven't met yet wandering around the halls. There's always someone you wrote off that you shouldn't have. During the last few weeks of senior year, there's a foreign energy in the air. Everyone seems to come together. Things fall into place. And you meet people you've wished you'd have talked to sooner. So, do that now. Talk to the kid across from you in chemistry that you've only said three words to or the person you've road the bus with since third grade. Really talk to them and get to know them. You never know, the reality of who they are might surprise you. 

You only get to go through high school once. And sure, college might seem like this becoming bright light across the pond. High school might have some bad days, it's true. But, being an adult is also difficult and you'll want to have these years and positive memories to look back on. So, soak up every last drop of your childhood. Take pictures. You're getting to the good part, I promise.

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash