Here we are officially counting down the last days of 2018! And it's no surprise that most of us will be going family gatherings, friends houses, parties or clubbing on the last day of the year: New Year's Eve (NYE)! To end the year on the right note, choosing the best NYE outfit is without a doubt a necessity for some or maybe just a fun reason to go shopping.  If you're excited for NYE and want to look unique, hot, elegant, cute or just simply ready to party, then the following seven stores are for sure your best go to this year for a one of a kind NYE outfit.


Whether it's a formal dress, casual jeans and shirts or dressy garments that you're looking for, ZARA always provides the best quality and variety of options. It's my go-to store for every occasion. Their outfits usually serve as a statement of elegance, glamour and expensive, all characteristics that are a plus when it comes to wearing an iconic dress for New Year's Eve. Zara has got its newest collection in store and most of it consists of sparkly skirts, shirts, jackets and even boots. They come in various lengths and sizes depending on your personal desires. Not only does it serve quality, it also provides iconic outfits for both male and female. Whether you're a guy or girl, finding an outfit that'll flatter you for New Year's Eve won't be a problem. The male collection even includes jackets with gold, white and brown prints, a color combination that serves elegance. So if you're looking to be on point and absolutely unique in your outfit, I suggest you immediately head right now to the nearest ZARA store.

2. Nordstrom

This store is also known for its glamorous, elegant and sophisticated clothing options. It serves garments of colors that aren't usually so popular in other stores, such as green and yellow. Even though they're not "go-to" colors for NYE, Nordstrom's designs are surprisingly complimented by such colors. Also, the best part is that the store is available in most malls making it easy for people to find their NYE outfits.

3. Topshop

Known for their hot outfits, sexy skirts and tops, and diverse color and style options, Topshop is for sure a go-to store option if you're searching for a NYE outfit. This store's tops and skirts are clear fashion statements especially because they're shiny, vibrantly-colored outfits that are youthful and fun.

4. Mango

Mango is no exception from the other stores that I have already mentioned! It also has a big collection of the fashion trend of sparkly and shiny garments. So don't miss out on it if you're up to being a star on NYE.

5. H&M 

The thing that distinguishes H&M from other stores is that its prices are more reasonable, affordable and you won't feel like you spent 3/4 of your allowance just buying a NYE outfit. Its store is also available in malls, so it's easy to go and check their clothes out!

6. Bebe

Even though the price of its clothing may be a bit expensive, it sure guarantees you a sexy look on NYE. It has a wide range of dress options from sparkly ones to basic solid colors. There is also a wide color and style range, such as the open shoulder, strapless, one string and more. Personally, if you're dying for a hot or sexy dress, then you should definitely check Bebe out!

7. Bershka

Even though Bershka stores are not available in the US (only online shopping for US customers) it's still a go-to if you're in Europe, Asia or the Middle East. It has a wide collection of casual attire, party dresses or cocktail skirts. Its prices are also affordable along with its good quality and service. So if you're not in the U.S., check their store out online and get those orders going. If you live outside the U.S., then head straight to their stores, especially since they're in most malls and easily accessible.

Finding the right outfit for the right occasion definitely makes a difference.  For some, it boosts their confidence, and for others, it makes the event just more fun!  I tried to suggest stores that are affordable, full of variety and those that offer a fun collection for the wildest time of the year. So what are you waiting for? If you're planning on going out this NYE, don't hesitate to pamper yourself with these gorgeous dresses and outfits available in the stores above. Happy New Year everyone! 

Lead Image Credit: Pexels