Women's History Month is a great time to honor the amazing women who kick butt and change the world. Here are ten of these women in no particular order.

1) Vigdis Finnbogadottir

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Finnbogadottir, a former president of Iceland, was the "first democratically elected female president" in the world and the "longest-serving female head of state." She has also been named a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador.

2) Sheryl Sandberg

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Sheryl Sandberg is the COO of Facebook and the founder of the Lean In Foundation, an organization offering services to help women reach their goals. She also wrote "Lean In" and was a Google executive. Discover Lean In more here.

3) Marissa Mayer

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She changed the game for women as the former CEO of Yahoo. Mic drop.

4) Shonda Rhimes

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She's incredible. You know why? She is probably the most successful showrunner ABC has ever had. A few of her (little) shows you may have heard of: "Grey's Anatomy," "Scandal" and "How to Get Away With Murder." She has also been featured in TIME's "100 People Who Help Change the World." What a boss in the entertainment industry.

5) Sophia Amoruso

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Amoruso is the founder of Nasty Gal, named a "fast-growing company," writing "#GirlBoss (the television adaptation is on Netflix), and creating GirlBoss Media which caters to female audiences. She embodies the definition of "Girl Boss."

6) Emma Watson

Where should I begin? Besides being the badass heroine Hermione Granger, inspiring young girls everywhere, she is also a Goodwill Ambassador. She has paved the way for discussions about gender equality in the workplace, in ethical fashion, and in society. She works with both the "HeforShe" movement and the "Time's Up" (sexual harassment) movement. See above for her statement. Fun fact: she also started "My Shared Shelf," a book club focusing on feminist literature. She even placed free books around landmarks, including the London subway. While we're talking about Emma here, you should also admire the amazing J.K. Rowling, but if you're a fan of Emma, you probably love her already.

7) Gloria Steinem

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Gloria Steinem has a number of contributions to back her reputation up. She pretty much started the modern feminist movement in the '60s if that means anything. She also co-founded "Ms." magazine, which is actually the image in #4. Also, for an interesting fact, she did an undercover journalism piece on "Playboy." Yeah, she did that.

8) "The Silence Breakers"

These were the people who stood up against sexual harassment and abuse in the workplace. They led the #Time'sUp movement. They inspired a wave of feminism and thousands of rallies. They broke the silence on what was going down in their field because, well . . . time's up.

9) The Co-founders of THINX: Miki Agrawal, Radha Agrawal and Antonia Saint Dunbar

THINX is a feminine product company, founded by three women, selling leakproof underwear that can be used instead of, or addition to, the normal products. They sell cute underwear, other products, and even have a blog and teen line. The brand encourages empowerment in advocacy, education and access. They have advocated for "sustainable, equitable practices" by partnering with the nonprofit menstruation equality movement Period (United for Access) and starting at the grassroots level rather than corporate. See the video above for more. They work to "change the conversation around periods and providing care to those in need (not luxuries = basic necessities)." They work with schools and organizations in their EveryBody program to provide health education. They discuss issues of "period poverty," have female leadership, fair working conditions, and less waste production. As discussed, they also advocate for free and easy access to products via menstrual equity, which is a rarely discussed but very important topic. THINX and its co-founders are at the forefront of the feminist movement and putting menstrual equity back on the table for discussion. To read more about their mission and see their website, click here. Also check out Madi Lingerie, where if you buy a pair of underwear, Madi donates a pair to someone in need.

10) My Sister + THE OUTRAGE Co-founders: Mandy Multerer, etc.

My Sister website

My Sister + THE OUTRAGE is an apparel company founded by women that sells statement clothing and accessories for a variety of causes including feminism, resistance to sex trafficking, PRIDE, Heroes, Black Lives Matter, Plank Like RBG, and Gun Control. My Sister joined forces with the social action apparel brand THE OUTRAGE to stay "true to values, fight sex exploitation/trafficking, and foster inclusive fashion," while also keeping their business afloat. They provide programs for survivors of sex trafficking and resistance to sex exploitation. THE OUTRAGE donates after every purchase and uses the outrage to create social change within organizations and in political elections. They form activist communities and social spaces for resistance to oppressed values and to express that right to be "outraged." They also have many collaborations with organizations such as March for our Lives and She Should Run. If you would like to see more of their mission and their apparel collections, click here.

Some honorable mentions: Debbie Sterling's GoldieBlox, Lauren Singer's The Simply Co. and Package Free Shop, Sophie and Sarah's BirdSong and the founders of "Bustle" and "Nylon."

I hope these women, and, if applicable, their companies, inspire you and make you think a little more about what you can do to change the world this Women's History Month. Let's face it. Beyonce was right. We're girls and we run this world.

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash