As graduation approaches, it's crunch time for many students searching for jobs. If you haven't found a job yet, however, don't stress! Luckily, there are tons of resources out there to find the perfect fit for you. This list will provide you with the best apps for finding the perfect job right out of college.

1. ZipRecruiter


This app allows users to search hundreds of job boards to find the best match for you. The app allows you to input your location, keywords and job titles to filter searches for exactly what you're looking for. ZipRecruiter also allows you to apply right from your phone and sends a notification when your resume has been viewed by an employer.

2. Indeed


The Indeed database has over 16 million jobs in over 60 countries for you to choose from. Indeed also has a way for users to create their own resume and send personalized messages for each job you apply for. Additionally, you can read company reviews in the app and see how companies are rated by employees.

3. Glassdoor


Similar to other apps, Glassdoor allows you to save searches for job titles and locations to find the latest postings. Glassdoor also has a "Know Your Worth" tool that shows how your market value has trended as well as ways you can plan your base pay. You can also read reviews from job applicants about their interview experience and ways you can prepare for those tough questions.

4. Snag


Formerly known as Snagajob, Snag allows users to find jobs near them with their map search feature. Snag also has employee personality quizzes that tell employers your strengths and even allow you to upload a video with your application. Snag also has part-time and entry-level options that are perfect for students.

5. Monster


Monster Job Search enables users to upload their resumes and apply to jobs directly from the app. You can also take a career quiz that will help you find the perfect match in the location you choose. Additionally, Monster has been featured in NPR, ABC and the Wall Street Journal for its features and capabilities.

6. LinkedIn Job Search


Similar to the LinkedIn app, LinkedIn Job Search provides users with insight into your potential employer. The app provides automatic recommendations based on previous searches and uses your LinkedIn profile to simplify the application process. The job search app also gives users the ability to contact someone in their network who already works at that company, based on your LinkedIn connections.

Don’t stress if you haven’t found your ideal job just yet. These apps can help you narrow your search and tailor the results to exactly what you are looking for. The perfect career could be just a few clicks away!

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash