Summer can be a great time for students to take college tours! It doesn't matter if you are touring a college 10 minutes or 10 hours from home, tours can show you plenty of information about where you might be spending the next few years of your life. Most tour guides will show you the highlights of campus, but there are few other things every potential student should notice while on their tour. This list will provide you with the most important things to look for during your time on campus.

1. Academic Opportunities

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This is one of the most important things for students to look for during their tour. Look for ways that students can get involved on campus by checking out bulletin boards or talking to students or faculty. This can be looking or asking about clubs, organizations, study-abroad trips or extra classes. Getting involved is a key part of the college experience so this is a big thing to notice.

2. Friendliness of Students and Professors

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This is often overlooked, but if you feel that you can't talk to students or professors while on your tour, it may be hard to talk to them when you have classes. When faculty and students are willing to answer your questions and work with you, this can make a huge difference in the overall environment and how you feel about the school.

3. Job/Internship Opportunities

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Similar to extracurricular opportunities, job and internship opportunities should be plentiful. If possible, talk with faculty and advisors and look for flyers posted around campus. Again, faculty should be excited to talk with you about the opportunities they have that can help you succeed. Ultimately, you should be able to get a strong sense of the opportunities that are available.

4. Surrounding City

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Before or after your tour, take some time to explore the areas surrounding your campus. Look at restaurants, entertainment, shopping and anything else that interests you. During your time in college, taking time away from studying is crucial and you want to be able to have fun in the city that you're in. 

5. Housing