Friendship is something that everyone needs. Whether we have it or not, everyone craves human interaction and needs it to function. These relationships can be hard to navigate. If something goes wrong or you have a disagreement, what do you do? 

This week's column focused on friendship, and I have advice for two questions.  

I recently left my home town and moved across the country, as did some of my close friends. Now that I have friends scattered across the country I am nervous that my friendships will not remain as strong over time. What advice would you have to keep a strong bond with your friends when living so far apart?

This can be really difficult. Luckily, we have this great thing called social media. This being said, I know it's not the same as face-to-face communication. These friendships are obviously important for you to maintain. Scattering all around the country and being hundreds of miles apart is really difficult for anyone. Just try and remember that everyone feels the same as you. Everyone in your circle that has also moved feels the same way. You can talk to them about your feelings. Try and stay connected over social media or maybe have weekly calls with your friends to stay caught up. You're also going to meet new people. Not saying to throw away these long-seeded friendships, but don't lose sight and put new relationships on the back burner because you're trying to keep up with the old. If you can visit your friends, do that! It can be awesome to plan a weekend trip to see your friends, it gives you something to work toward and look forward to! Just make sure to maintain and nurture these relationships that are so important. It's like you're still together, except it will be through a screen mostly. This can be really hard, but people do drift apart and distance can make these powerful bonds stronger. 

My best friend and I are going to different colleges. How can we best maintain our friendship?

The first thing I would say is communication! My best friend and I go to different colleges and it can be really tough. However, I would say plan a time to chat weekly or biweekly, whatever works best for your schedules. Just make sure you don't get too hung up on focusing on her. I know, she's your best friend! However, you need to remember you will both get busy in campus involvements and meeting new people. This isn't to say that you shouldn't keep a strong bond. Just don't get frustrated if either of you forgets about the call that week or if you're too busy to talk. You need to make sure to build strong bonds on campus with those around you, as well as keep your friendship with your best friend. You can see each other on breaks, you can FaceTime, Snapchat, text, etc., at all times. Just stay patient, but you know that your friend will ultimately always be there for you. Sometimes sending a little package or letter is sweet, too! Just organization and communication! Both are so important to building and keeping relationships strong. It's hard when you can't see each other in person, but a weekly call for an hour or two is plenty to stay in touch and keep your relationship strong!

All in all, relationships are a give and take. Being far apart is taxing on your relationship, but if you focus on communicating regularly and know that all of your friends feel the same, you got this. Your friends care about you and want to see you happy. Just focus on building strong relationships and work by constantly communicating. 

Editor's Note: This is part of a series of College Advice Columns. Stay tuned for more!

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