In college, there are some things that we pick up to make our lives easier and things that are just common for most campuses. Despite attending different schools, college students and universities have a lot more common ground than we think. Here is a short list of common things college students across America can agree.

1. Campus Squirrels


Most universities will have a plethora of squirrels on campus. Chances are your campus admires these furry friends. Some colleges build houses for them, do squirrel research, use them as good luck and even make viral twitter threads. Campus squirrels have left an impression on the colleges they reside, and their presence will only continue to grow. Let’s give the squirrels a hand!

2. GroupMe/Class Group Chats


The use of GroupMe has significantly grown in recent years. Now classmates will start a GroupMe for their classes and students can opt-in to receive class messages. I joined a couple of GroupMe chats, but most conversations become filled with questions that the professor has answered multiple times in class. It also has become a place for the same students to ask someone to send the notes because they’re “sick” for the 3rd time that week. Be careful with class group chats before you become the one doing all the work for others.

3. Wearing The Same Outfit The Next Day


We have all been guilty of this some point in our lives, except our excuse is that we won’t see the same people we saw in yesterday’s classes in the next day classes. We all get worried that someone will notice, but the truth is nobody will pick up on if you wore the same thing the next day. Sometimes there are circumstances where there is no choice but to wear the same thing, for example, waking up late.

4. Not Using All Your Meal Swipes Or Dining Dollars


There is at least one semester where you forgot to use the dining dollars you paid for at the beginning of the year. The worst thing is that some universities don’t allow the money to be rolled over. Maybe it was a semester where you went out to eat a lot. In my case, I refused to eat most of the café food in my second semester. Some universities don’t have as many inexpensive food options which encourage students to use their school’s cafeteria, but the cafeteria menu could be minimal.

5. Writing In The Tiniest Font On Your Cheat Card


When the professor lets you use a cheat sheet during an exam, the chances are that someone will write all the notes onto a single card. Maybe you are the person who writes as many notes as they can onto a lined 3x5 note card. Sometimes you seriously prepare for the exam and still write in the tiniest font on your cheat card just in case you forget something during the exam. Your note card becomes your double-check partner, and you walk away from that exam with confidence.

6. Celebrating the Class Cancellation Notice


That moment when the email from the 8 a.m. class comes in, and the teacher cancels, it becomes the best moment of your day. This email usually contains an additional thing that needs attention since there is no class, but you would instead do that than to get up and go to class actively. Even if you walk to class and the class cancellation posted on the door, we all know it's hard not to crack a smile.

7. “Free” Becomes Your Favorite Word


Many school groups will give out free items or food to have people come to their events. It is a smart move on their part because they know the exact way to a college student’s heart. When the word ‘free’ is suddenly brought up, it becomes like an episode of Oprah. When it becomes a competition for the free items, then college students will give it their absolute best to win.

From campus squirrels to free items, college presents universals to all students. We celebrate finding common ground and seek support from each other. As the year's pass, there will be more things a student adapts to make their college experience worth it. In college, we tend to place pressure on ourselves and end up spreading ourselves thin. Take time to appreciate the things you have and embrace the situations that make life a little easier.

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash