Most high school students have the option to take SAT Subject Tests during their junior or senior year. Unfortunately, these tests are often scheduled before most seniors have committed to a specific college or university. Many students take these tests in hopes that the credits could get them out of some introductory college courses the next year, and I was one of them.

Although it's been about a year and a half since I took these tests, I distinctly remember the day that I arrived at my high school to take them. I decided to take three of them all in one day, which may have seemed a little too ambitious, but I had heard that they were easy and short enough that I could manage to do well on all three if I came prepared.

Determined, I had prepared for these tests by reviewing Subject Test preparation books and my AP Test workbooks. Although I did feel that I was cramming for these tests, I reassured myself. I often felt that way preparing for quizzes and tests for my classes and ended up doing well on those exams. That day, however, would be an exception.

I arrived at my assigned classroom dressed in comfortable clothing and equipped with any materials I might need. The first test went well, but I had found it more difficult than I had expected. I was optimistic that things would turn around for the second Subject Test, but it ended up being even more difficult than the first. By the end of the second test, I began to feel like I had a minor cold. My nose was running and I had slight chills. 

By the third test, I had started shivering, my throat ached and my mind became fuzzier. I didn't even remember taking that last test because my head felt so foggy. After the final test, for which there were only about three other people in the room, I went straight home with the flu. 

As expected, I did not do very well on any of those SAT Subject Tests. When I committed to a college for the fall, I realized that the school I would be attending didn't even accept SAT Test Scores for credit. It felt like I had spent so much time stressing about something that only had a negative impact on my life. When I tried to think back on why I took these tests in the first place, I didn't recall doing any research to see if the schools I was considering attending would accept these scores. I realized that I should have considered all of the pros and cons of taking these tests before signing up for any of them instead of piling my workload even higher than usual.

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash