Most freshmen are required to choose from a multitude of meal plans that are more than any one student would typically use, and at the end of the semester, they are left with hundreds of dollars to spend on campus. Even worse, universities typically offer students the option to carry over their meal points by buying a plan of equal or higher value as their previous plan. Here are some options for students to use any remaining meal point money on something bigger than themselves, both saving money and helping others.

1. Donate to Student Food Pantry

Most schools have food pantry reserves to aid students who run out of their meal plan before the end of the semester. Help your fellow starving college students by donating food and snacks from the student convenience store to the pantry.

2. Donate to a Local Homeless Shelter

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have the problem of having too much money to spend. Use your extra college cash to purchase nonperishable foods and hygiene products to donate to someone less fortunate.

3. Buy Feminine Products to Donate to a Battered Women’s Shelter

Along with homeless shelters, women’s shelters and prisons are always in need of feminine products to provide to those in need.

4. Treat Commuter Friends

If you have commuter friends, offer them a free meal that they do not have to pay for on-campus.

5. Treat Campus Workers and Professors

Let your campus’s faculty and staff know how much you appreciate them by getting them something nice. Even something as small as a chocolate bar can brighten anyone’s day.

6. Stock Up on Things

Buy simple things that will be useful to you or your family. Foil, Ziploc bags and your typical breakfast cereal are all worth your while to buy.

It's hard to save your money wisely, but at the end of a semester, it proves even harder to spend it wisely. While you could fill your cupboards with Nutella and queso, you can also make the choice to help others in need. Do something great!

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash