The President of the United States is usually most well-known for their campaigns, policies or party affiliations. Unless it's something morally unethical or incredibly rare, the press rarely mentions the college life of the leader. It might be absurd to imagine such powerful figureheads at a frat party or hanging out around campus. However, at one point in time, each president was just like any college student working towards their aspirations.

Listed below are the glorious college days of the current and previous presidents.

1. President Donald Trump-University of Pennsylvania

President Barack Obama

President Trump spent his first two years at Fordham University and eventually transferred to the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, where he completed his degree as an Economics major. Trump was not involved in any extracurriculars or campus activities but rather started his real estate business, leading to his successful real estate brand, The Trump Organization.

2. President Barack Obama- Columbia University, Harvard University

President George W Bush

President Obama started his college journey at Occidental College in Los Angeles, and then  transferred to Columbia University to earn his political science degree. Five years later, fulfilled with hours of helping impoverished Chicago communities, Obama started at Harvard Law School and eventually became the first African-American editor of Harvard Law Review

3. President George W. Bush- Yale University, Harvard University

Like his father President George H.W. Bush, President George W. Bush attended Yale. He majored in history, specifically in European and American Studies. During his college years, Bush not only campaigned for his father but also joined his father's fraternity, Delta Kappa Epsilon. In addition, Bush was accepted into Yale's Skulls and Bones, a secret senior student society, and played on the varsity rugby team. 

4. President Bill Clinton- Georgetown University, Yale Law School

Before attending Yale Law School, President Clinton earned a degree in International Affairs from Georgetown University. Clinton worked for Democratic Senator William Fulbright during his undergraduate, and also served as Georgetown's student president. He was also a fraternity member of both Phi Beta Kappa and Kappa Kappa Psi.  

5. President George H.W. Bush- Yale University

Yale Athletics

After serving in World War II, President George H.W. Bush enrolled in a two year accelerated undergraduate program at Yale University as an economics student. During this short period, he was still able to have a memorable college experience playing in Yale's first two College World Series as a baseball player for first base. He was also a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon and the Skull and Bones Society.

6. President Ronald Reagan- Eureka College

Graduating in the class of 1932, Ronald Reagan was actually a "C" average economic student. However, Reagan was also balancing his involvement with the fraternity Tau Kappa Epsilon, drama club, swim team and football. In addition, he started his political career during his freshman year by delivering a speech during a student protest that resulted in the resignation of the college president. Later on in undergraduate, Reagan would become the student body president. 

When you become President make sure to mention your remarkable college experiences as each moment will help pave your way to the White House!

Lead Image Credit: Pixabay