Valentine's Day, some call "Single Awareness Day," is the season of a cute teddy bear with roses or loads of heart-shaped chocolates. But in your late teens and early 20s, you might be too busy finding yourself or balancing your classes and a part-time job to have the traditional Valentine Sweetheart. But this holiday is all about celebrating the power of love, which can come in all shapes and sizes. Here are a couple of ways to celebrate with a bunch of your Valentines involving sweets to games all within a college student's budget and lifestyle. 

Pink Pancake Decorating 

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Instead of spending money on a fancy brunch place (the majority might be booked for Valentine's day), have pancake decorating party! Send a quick group message saying that each guest should each bring an ingredient for pancakes, like Valentine colored sprinkles or red food coloring. If you have some spare time, ask people to split the cost with Venmo. The best part of all, pancakes can be enjoyed any time of day, making this meal is acceptable for any college student's eating schedule. 

DIY Rose Lip Scrubs 

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Everyone associates Valentine's Day with kisses and flowers. You can celebrate with this by making lip scrubs based on these themes with things you might have around your dorm or apartment. With just a couple of ingredients, the main base of majority DIY lip scrubs are composed of brown sugar and honey, you can host a lip scrub party. Each person just shows up with a mason jar or some sort of container and if they like, they can add in a preferred scent like vanilla extract. Purchase roses to crush in the scrub itself.  

Blind Tinder U Swipes

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To anyone in your group, who either already is dating or wants to get back in the dating game, have some fun swiping on apps. Tinder U is part of the Tinder app specifically for university students and only lets people register with .edu email address. A person willingly gives their profile to one of their friends. Then the person who has given up their profile roles a dice and whatever number they receive is the number of left swipes and then right swipes. With the positive energy of your friends and the luck of a rolling a die, you might land a fun date with someone on campus. 

90s/2000s RomCom Charades

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From recent Netflix "To All The Boys I've Ever Loved Before" to the iconic "13 Going on 30," everyone writes down their favorite romcoms and place them in a cup to play a classic game of charades. The best part is that the loser will have to buy the winning group a bunch of Valentine's day candy (which will be in the range of a college student budget because of the sale on chocolate hearts). 

Broken Record Party

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Many songs are about loves also the breakups. Invite people over to listen to music and eat desserts while dressing up as their favorite artist in their breakup music video. Dressing up like 90s Avril Lavigne from "Girlfriend" or recent Ariana Grande from "Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored." Have an excuse to dress up and go out on Valentine's Day with your pals without paying any club prices or bothering any frat brothers. 

Classy Fondue Party

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Though it requires some prep time, you can use your crockpot to have a fondue night with your pals. Some of your friends can bring some strawberries, marshmallows or cookies while you set up the fondue. Slowly cook chocolate, vanilla extract and heavy whipping cream for about 50 minutes while you do your homework or some errands around your place. 

Secret Punny Valentine Grams

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Taking it back to those good old Valentine Day cards in elementary school, every person gets assigned a secret appreciator in your group by drawing names from a bag. Each person gives their friend a punny Valentine Gram with a maximum of a $5 gift. Each gift or DIY gram shows your love of their friendship or just a fun compliment to make them feel more appreciated than usual.

Valentine's Day emphasizes love and spending time with your loved ones. But loved ones should not be exclusive to your significant other! Extend the love you can cultivate from those close friendships to other parts of your life, like your friends at university

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