With summer break finally here, you may be planning on relaxing and escaping those thoughts about major requirements or career deadlines. But with your extra time, it might be beneficial to  find people online who can give you an inside look into your potential career. These career influencers may make you reconsider your career choices, giving you plenty of time over the summer to reevaluate your thoughts. But most likely, their social media posts or Youtube videos will get you excited for what the future holds in your occupation and inspire you to work harder your next year. Here are some career influencers to follow on social media this summer :

1. Raquel Nuno - Planetary Scientist

If you're aiming to do research in any scientific field from physics to geology, Rachel will spark your curiosity with her current research at UCLA while also inspiring your own drive in finding answers and solutions. By also showing her personal life, she displays how you can successfully balance a science Ph.D with your family and friends.

2. Dr. Mike - Physician

 Marie Forleo - Entrepreneur

Unlike the fictional medical emergencies on shows like the Good Doctor or Grey's Anatomy, Dr. Mike illustrates the real occurrences in the general medical field as a young physician in New York City. He's been on talk shows and even has over a million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Not only is he knowledge and entertaining but also gives great advice for anyone pursuing a career in medicine or health.

3. Nick Priest - Pilot

Ever wondered how pilots maintain their schedules in different parts of the world or just how flight school works in general? If you follow Nick Priest, not only will he give personal information on the career itself but also an insight into a pilot's daily routine. 

4. Mariana Atencio - Journalist

From Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism, MSNBC and NBC News for Miami, Florida, Mariana Atencio posts about her work ethic and daily life as one of the top journalist for domestic and international issues. She empowers everyone to achieve their dreams with their special talents, which she explains in more detail during this Ted Talk.

5. Kurt Hugo Schneider - Musician

With a Magna Cum Laude from Yale University in mathematics and 10 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Kurt Hugo Schneider is an inspiration for all musicians that they can be successful in the entertainment industry without taking the traditional career route. He collaborates with other YouTubers or celebrities such as Victoria Justice, and overall, his various platforms show that one can be a successful, respected musician without following the typical music journey. 

6. Grace Ann - Lawyer

As a current law student, Grace Ann describes the workload and other obstacles one may face in law school. She also explains how future law students can manage other aspects of their lives, such as health and efficient routine in college, in her Instagram account and her YouTube channel.

7. Casey Neistat - Filmmaker

With a previous HBO series and short films, Casey Neistat describes not only how to create a story but also how filmmakers can work hard to achieve their dreams. He gives tech talks and even posts inspiring YouTube videos for future film creators as well as other YouTubers. Overall, Neistat is an example of how movie magic is possible with one's own determination and perseverance. 

8. Toyin Ojih Odutola - Artist

A visual sociopolitical artist in New York City, Toyin Oijh Odutola has published many of her works in numerous big name publications, such as Vogue, The New York Times and Style Magazine. Her story is an example of how artists provide a positive impact and are desired by the fashion industry. 

Everyone deserves a break from a long year of stress and studying. But following some career influencers can serve as a reminder of the awesome possibilities and success heading your way in your chosen profession. 

Lead Image Credit: Pixabay